XC Racing shoe foams

Any of the XC Racings shoes have super critical or non-EVA foams? I ran a 5k XC race in some old Mebs and appreciated the HyperBurst on the small sections that were asphalt. I would be interested in buying a pair of non-EVA spikes for members of our youth runners on our AAU club.


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At the moment the only way to get a pair of racing flats with super foams is with a pair of road racing flats. None of the traditional XC spikes or flats include the super foams or carbon plates. This should change soon, but not until next summer at the soonest.

Or take one of the distance track spikes with super foams (if you can find them from Nike, New Balance, Hoka, Adidas) to the turf. Perhaps not ideal or practical, however. Unless the course features long stretches of wet/muddy or rutty footing, just do as Joe advises and use shoes like Metaracer or Rocket X to race on firm turf.
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The traction in the rear sole of track spikes wouldn't work on Florida XC courses that have a lot of sand. You'd be sliding everywhere. The angle of the spike plate also might cause some awkward landings. Trail shoes would work if they were lighter. The Skechers Razor TRL is probably 2 full ounces heavier than what you'd want in a XC racing shoe. I'd pay a premium for some Sauncony Kilkennys or New Balance XC shoes with a thin layer of Pebax. I actually have run a few times in the Reebok Londons (pebax) on Cross Country courses that have about the same stack height as what you would have on an XC shoe, and it wasn't bad. That really isn't the purpose of those shoes though. I've never race in those though, maybe I'll give the Londons a try the next XC race until true XC shoes up their foams.