What is the ideal way to make a pass on the track?

Specifically in a further distance race where you’re running for place and want to gain separation from an opponent who’s heels you’re on. Where is the most aggressive and efficient spot to pass an opponent: all on the straights, all on the curves, going into the curves, or heading out of the curves?

My background on the track peaked with collegiate relays (4x400 + 4x800) so take my word with a grain of salt because I know this is geared towards a distance race.

I was always taught the most most aggressive pass was coming out of the curve. Staying tucked in on your opponents right side without breaking into lane 2, and slingshotting their right side into the straightaway. In a way you're trying to cut in on them with a momentous angle off the curve. I put this into practice and always felt strong leading into a straightaway doing so.

Don't ever pass on the curve, you just end up running further than them and they'll get it back into the straightaway.

Passing in the straights is just fine and can be very strategic, as long as you finish your pass before entering the next curve.

I'd only ever pass leading into a curve if my opponent was going to hinder my pace. Like if I ran up on the guy that just died and I dont want to die with him so you pass quickly and get back in lane 1. ?