Vomero 16: is this the long-awaited Peg Turbo replacement?

I've run in it, and no i dont think its the Peg Turbo replacement :confused:. It's more of a steady long run shoe but definitely feels heavy. The shoes I've run in that most closely remind me of the Peg Turbo are the Rebel V2 and the Gel Nimbus Lite 2.

RW Staff 2

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Hi @waldo_215, the Vomero is not the replacement for the Peg Turbo and @rundmv87's recommendations are spot on! Personally, I would recommend the Rebel v2 considering how much our testers liked the shoes, but both the Rebel v2 and the Gel Nimbus Lite 2 are solid replacements. Even though it is a different shoe designed for longer, slower runs, if you like having a full-length Zoom X midsole underfoot, then the Invincible is also an option.