Topo athletic ultraventure 2?

RW Staff

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Hi @Gkprevite,

Our system shows that we can expect to see an updated version of the Ultraventure coming out around the middle to end of February 2021. While this is our current estimate, there is a possibility it can be delayed a little later.

RW Staff
Looks like they screwed this one up. Unbelievable. Early reviews and pics have the palm of my hand firmly on my face. Somehow the shoe got uglier, they firmed up a glorious midsole, and seemed to not improve much or loose weight. All they had to do was keep the upper mostly the same, put a mountain racer like tongue on it, same exact midsole, and add megagrip or mg litebase. Some good colorways would help as well. When your so close to hitting a home run you don’t change stances. Small tweaks. Hey topo maybe hire me!? Lol rant over. I hope they don’t overdo changes to the man racer next