The North Face Vectiv

I saw an article recently about The North Face Vectiv trail running shoes - both the Enduris & Flight model. These shoes don't appear on almost any website I go to, however on Running Wearhouse it does list one model (flight) with very little information - announcing they will be available for sale on January 26th! Is there any word if that is still an accurate timeline? If so I'll be on to order tomorrow - always loved North Face products (but have never had shoes from them before), but looking to try something different than my SpeedGoats to mix it up (I love the SpeedGoats as well).

If they will be available tomorrow to purchase - will the Enduris & Flight models both be available? From the little information I have found - which model would you recommend for a 50 mile ultra race in the Arizona desert trails (rarely wet, can be technical rocky, cactus, sandy, etc)?
Thank you! -Josh
Thanks for passing that other article along! Lots of detailed information in there! I appreciate it! It looks like the Flight version is still pre-order only and the other two versions are available starting today. So I'll have to do a bit more research and see what may be the best option :unsure: