Strava Subscription?

I use a Garmin Forerunner 45 as my running watch and, as such, I have always just used Garmin Connect to track my data and training and whatnot because it's free and it provides all the info I need.

Recently, I started pushing my Garmin data to Strava as well just because I have a few friends that post there and we follow one another.

I keep seeing offers for a free trial of Strava's subscription service and I was wondering if anyone here has a subscription and what they use it for. None of the stuff that is available via the subscription seems all that necessary for me, but I'm still considering signing up. I know they offer a free 30 day trial, but I just thought I'd see if anyone here has any experience with the Strava subscription service.
I tried a free trial sub last year just to find out the same thing you're wondering. The main access it allowed, as I saw, was to saved routes, segments, leaderboards, etc. It was all things that, like you, simply weren't of use or interest for me. To be honest, I feel the same as you in that Garmin Connect delivers the metrics and graphics I care about for free and really only use Strava to keep up with and encourage friends who also use Strava. I recognize that a lot of people do love the metrics and statistics accessed by subscription (or maybe the double chevron by their avatar makes them appear more committed), those things help guide and motivate their activity. I have seen the argument that subscriptions help to support the work of the developers and sustains innovation. I found out that this app simply doesn't make a noticeably positive contribution to how I do things and I likely wouldn't notice any big picture difference if Strava didn't exist.
Thanks. This was very helpful and informative. Based on your experience, it sounds like I wouldn't really benefit much from subscribing to Strava, so I'll probably just skip the free trial offer.
I should cop to having a bias going into the free trial sub. All those features had previously been available for free and at some point last year were made subscriber-only. So I already knew how much interest in and use for those features from past use. The various challenges and clubs get people more interested in being active, and this is a good thing. It is a cool app and it's certainly fun to connect occasionally with friends on there. In truth, I'm grateful that it doesn't use an algorithm to psychologically pull users in to more frequent checking/scrolling like twitter or instagram do.