Running after covid


I got covid mid-december and after quarantining for 10 days post no-symptoms I thought I could just jump back into running with just lower mileage and slower pace, but my lungs are stinging after just a couple of miles and I'm feeling way more breathlessness than I ever have before. Has anyone here got any recommendations for getting back running post omicron? Is it better to just rest up for now instead of trying to eek out a couple slow miles a day? Really frustrating to deal with.


Hi Technocrow,

I had Covid in June (Delta) and December(?). Even though I had very mild symptoms both times, getting back to running was a struggle. Heart rate was way up and had to put in more effort to run what was previously easy pace. The strategy I adopted was, after resting and becoming completely asymptomatic: running very easy short runs (3 miles/5km) without a watch (no paces or heart rates to put you under pressure, just run by feel) until I started to feel better (not struggling up every hill and feeling like my heart was beating at a million miles an hour) and rhythm was coming back. I then gradually increased volume over a few weeks. Then added in some strides. Then started with some small workouts and a long run. After a few weeks I was back to running normally and feeling good.

It's a very individual thing, but I think slow and steady, gradual progress is the way to go. I hope this helps.

If in doubt: please always consult your doctor.


Excellent post by @Brendan with the most important bit of advice being to consult a doctor if in doubt. It is also important to flag that there really isn't a one-size fits all path for recovery given that COVID impacts people differently. I realize this disparity likely makes your circumstances all the more frustrating but caution is the best approach.