Review of the Gaviota 4

When will RW have a review of the Gaviota 4? From the bit of info I could find it appears it's softer than the previous versions. I have a pair of Gaviota 2s and really like them but wish they were a bit softer. Also, is the size consistent with the 2? I currently wear a 10.5.

RW Staff 2

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Hi @daneckit, thanks for reaching out! Our team is currently working on the written review for the Gaviota 4, and we hope to have it available on the site shortly. After talking with the testers, the Gaviota 4 fits true to size and should be fairly consistent. One of our testers said, "Over the years, I have found the uppers in some HOKAs to be too narrow or too wide, but the Gaviota 4’s upper fit very well." In terms of softness, the Gaviota 4 was not as soft as our testers were expecting. After revisiting the review for the Gaviota 3, it seems like HOKA moved to a more balanced, more stable midsole experience to help better support those who over pronate versus pure softness. That said, the Gaviota 4's midsole is described by HOKA as softer than version 3. Ultimately, I think that the Gaviota 4 will have a similar softness to the 2, but likely is a bit firmer given the notes from the reviewers of versions 3 and 4.