Replacements for Asics Dynaflyte

As they've stopped making dynaflyte, I've been looking for a running replacement shoe that I've been using since the first version. I'm a big fan of them and love how responsive and comfortable they feel, right heel to toe drop, the right support and cushion. I just recently brought the dynablast but wasn't a fan of the mesh and heel counter, as I have a tendency to roll my ankle from doing most of my mileage on soft surfaces. Oh and I don't necessarily like shoes that have a high stack height.
I have tried many shoes, as a 10 year veteran of the sport, but mainly rely on Asics as trainers and Nike for racing. Gel-Nimbus and Gel-Cumulus were my go-to shoes but offered too much support or were too heavy.
I went from the Dynaflyte v1 to Adidas Boston (which is quite a different shoe in the latest version) to the NB FuelCell Propel v1 to the Dynablast. I actually like the Dynablast, reminds me quite a bit of Propel v1. Perhaps the Nimbus Lite 2 or the NB Fuel Cell Rebel v2 or NB FuelCell Propel? I don't know the stack height stats for the Dynaflyte, yet I would put the Rebel v2 as pretty close to what I recall of the shoe.

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The ASICS Hyper Speed is another shoe with a similar feel and performance to the Dynaflyte. The NB FuelCell Rebel v2 has been receiving a lot of praise for its lightweight versatility and received good reviews from the RW testers as well.

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