Random question about running industry

Hello All,

I am currently a junior in college studying physics with a minor in economics. I am a runner and would love to eventually do something related to running after college.
Not sure if anyone would know but what opportunities are there in the running industry related to physics (directly or indirectly). And what path would you recommend taking to get there (grad school? internships?)

Thanks for any information!


I have only worked on the retail side of the business but have had some exposure to the brand side of things. The natural extension of physics would be biomechanics. Most companies have testing labs where a background in physics or biomechanics would be required. Beyond the lab, there might be opportunities in shoe development, where a background in physics would be helpful. An internship is always a great way to see if you like the work, get valuable experience, and make connections. I am not aware of any internship programs, but you may be able to find something with some digging.


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Nearly every person in the running industry started working a retail floor. From there, it progresses to being a tech rep, then a sales rep, then gaining the position you're looking for. That's the internship for the industry.



Just wanted to chime in with two generic tips...

First, and I cannot stress this enough, HOUND your academic advisor and/or career services office! So many students don't take advantage of these benefits while in school. These guys work for you and are (sometimes) very happy to assist an enthusiastic student with these types of questions. In both cases your luck will hinge upon your advisor or school having some relationship or previous placement in the industry but it certainly doesn't hurt to try!

Second, you can try to reverse engineer a career path from job postings. Take a look at the career pages for these companies and see what postings are out there. I imagine with shoes it is probably more weighted towards chemistry/materials development but there may be something tied to physics (biomechanics?). This is far from my area of expertise but this was a strategy I have used in the past to scoop up a job (focus on building skills appearing consistently in job postings).

Good luck to you!