NYC to get a second marathon (Brooklyn)

Tentative Course Map

Mark your calendars for April 24, 2022 as it looks like the city has approved plans for the race. Kind of interesting from the article that one of the major barriers to the race has been the NYRR organization, who presumably don't want the prestige of the NYC Marathon to be diluted. Also, of note is that this race will fall less than a week after the Boston Marathon, so maybe there's some hope of relieving some of the demand for that race? That's probably wishful thinking.

I also tried my best to plop the route into On The Go to get a better sense of elevation. That can sometimes be a little wonky but it looks as if there are two minor climbs on the route, most notably in the Prospect Park finish.

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It's definitely interesting timing for the race, considering the Boston Marathon, but it will be exciting to have another New York marathon opportunity. I can foresee a lot more casual and first-time marathoners enjoying the race. It's looking like the next couple of years for races will be busy!

I think you've got it right, this will be a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to get a "big city" marathon without any of the "major" competition. At least not in its early years. Here's to hoping that the race is successful and grows over time.

I am hoping to run Boston in 2022 but if I don't make the standard I think this will be a nice backup (I am a short train ride away).

Having already run NYC, I think it will be interesting to see a race wholly contained within one of its boroughs. I can tell you that the spectators in Brooklyn bring it, which is saying something, because they have a tough act to follow from the fanfare at the start.
Now that the genie is out of the bottle, with most of the Major Marathons (London, Berlin, Chicago, Boston, and NYC) taking place this fall, I think it will be close to business as usual when this race takes place in 2022.

I just ran Berlin and London and it was incredible to experience all of that crowd support again. If you're on the fence about Brooklyn I would push you towards participating :)!