How many pairs of shoes are in your rotation?


One Converse pair for daily walks, one pair for the marathon (Nike Jordans), one pair of running at the stadium (also Nike), and one pair of winter sneakers. Not it seems to me that it's too much.


Currently training for a half marathon in mid February:

My rotation: daily driver Nike Air Zoom Pegasus
Long runs: Altra Torin 4 Plush
Tempo/intervals: Altra Escalante 1.5 of Hoka Clifton 6
Race day will likely be the Torin 4 Plush
Easy/ Daily:
NB FreshFoam X 1080v10 (narrow)
Reebok Floatride Panthea
Altra Torin 4 (about to be replaced with the 4.5 Plush, trying women's B 1/2 size down)

Short Speed:
NB FuelCell Rebel
Reebok Floatride Run Fast v1 (love these and have stocked several pair for future use, 1/2 size down)
Reebok Floatride Panthea (non-threshold paces)

Long Speed:
Reebok Floatride Run Fast v1 (=>1/2)
NB FuelCell RC Elite (race prep)

Long/ Recovery:
Altra Torin 4 (about to be replaced with the 4.5 Plush)
NB FreshFoam X 1080v10 (narrow)

Reebok Floatride Run Fast v1 (=<10k)
NB FuelCell RC Elite (=>1/2)

Might be interested in the Carbon X 2 for long speed workouts and race prep (=>10 miles) to save some wear and tear on my RCs. Although I'd prefer the FuelCell TC; it seems those are never in stock!
I have about 10 pairs of shoes but I typically find myself going back to only 3-4 pairs of those for most of my runs.
Easy/long: hoka Clifton 6/7 (I like the 6 better)
Fast/tempo/long: saucony endorphin speed
Race: Nike vaporfly next percent


Here is a rough breakdown of my current rotation:

Easy: Adidas Boston 8/Nike Zoom Fly/NB FuelCell TC
Speed/Tempo: Adidas Adios 4/NB FuelCell TC/Saucony Endorphin Pro
Long: Nike Zoom Fly/Saucony Endorphin Pro
Race: Nike Vaporfly 4%

There is a lot of overlap in these categories. I personally find that it is more important to rotate between different pairs from day to day rather than have pairs that I only use for one purpose/type of run.

I am not afraid to say that I love carbon fiber plated shoes (as you can probably tell)! However, I have enjoyed alternating them with the Adidas Boston/Adios. I have found the Boston 8/Adios 4 to both be very durable and almost always on sale. They are a little firmer and more traditional than the carbon fiber shoes so provide a nice contrast. I used to have a pair of Saucony Freedom ISO 2 that I would use for easy runs for the same reason.

This rotation is a little bit unusual as I bought the NB FuelCell TC and Saucony Endorphin Pro earlier this year mostly to try them out and see how they compare to Nike Zoom Fly/Vaporfly. I really like both shoes. The FuelCell TC is awesome for pretty much any type of run and the Endorphin Pro is light and snappy. I've enjoyed that both shoes are quite durable so I haven't felt too guilty about using them for training regularly. However, I probably will not continue to use both of them in the future. I am considering the slightly more affordable Saucony Endorphin Speed to take over some of the Tempo/Long runs when it comes time to replace the TC/Pro.
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Easy day road Clifton 1. (Got a couple pairs a while back
Everything else road saucony endorphin speed.
Trail easy and long runs hoka evo speedgoat or challenger atr 5 depending in the trail and conditions
Faster trail or more technical trail is the hoka torrent 1. Its pretty much my go to for a lot of runs and I have multiple pairs.
Also I have a pair of altra viho’s that I like for lifting weights and gym stuff.
any 10k-half..possibly a marathon:

easy/recovery runs:
boston 7, structure 22, vomero 14, atreyu

speed/long workouts:
endorphin pro, next%, vaporfly flyknit, adios 5, flyknit streak 6

vaporfly 4%, alphafly
I have 4 shoes in my rotation:

Hoka Clifton 7 - most of my easy milage, long runs
Reebok float ride energy - fartleks/tempos, interval workout that I don’t want to wear spikes for, sometimes easy miles
Saucony endorphin speeds - (these are new and I’m waiting to be in better shape/doing harder workouts to really break em in) tempo work, intervals, fast long runs
Brooks glycerin 18 - (~400mi) close to being retired use if Clinton’s are wet or sometimes for easy doubles
Riveras, Torin 5s and Brooks Cascadia 15s! I know I need to lower the drop on my trails...they were a gift and I always ran in Brooks trail runners! Seems to be working!


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