How do I work my treadmill to do interval sprints?

Hi everybody! Super excited to start watching this forum. I have been doing workouts for quite some time, but wanted to know how do I get my treadmill to do interval sprints? At the moment I’m away from my treadmill but for when I return I hope I know what to do. Cheers!
The problems with doing sprints on treadmills:
  • The better ones only go up to 10 MPH though I only felt it safe to go up to 9.6
  • Some treadmills don't allow you to directly enter the speed so you have to hold a button down to get it to your desired speed and this can be dangerous
  • Moving to a slower pace can be dangerous if you have to hold the button down or if you want to enter a speed for treadmills that support that. It's easy to stop but going from 9.6 to 3.0 may be tricky
I think that it's a lot safer to do sprints on a track.