Hitomi Niiya drops nearly half a minute off the Japanese 10K NR

Niiya is an electric performer, having boldly broken the Japanese half-marathon NR in Houston earlier this year.
The men's 10K had its own excitement, with the NR falling by 11 seconds in a duel between two first-year pros.
Full report: http://japanrunningnews.blogspot.com/2020/12/niiya-and-aizawa-crush-10000-m-national.html

Also note that there are domestic track races this weekend, tonight and tomorrow - I heard about it from a coach I know who has people racing: https://soundrunning.run/trackmeet
That fast heats go off pretty late, I suspect these races are set up simply as time trials to hit OT and OG standards, and a paid subscription is required to view the stream so I'll likely just enjoy the results.