Endorphin Pro 1 vs 2

As someone looking to decide on the one(heavily discounted atm) vs 2 looking for any opinions on any differences. From what I've read it seems to be mostly a difference slightly in upper but looking to see any additional feedback. As far as use I'm looking to use it for 10K and half marathon racing which I've used the Endorphin Speed 1 for before but looking for just a bit more of an edge(5K PR: 17:45, Half Marathon: 1:25). Also how would you compare either pro 1 or 2 to the Speed 1 to give me context on difference.
From what you get out of the shoe, it's basically the exact same shoe. I use them for all my speed work and marathon/half marathon tempo runs. Your legs get zero "beat up" from the workouts. The plate is SUPER stiff as a warning. Like WAY TOO STIFF for most people. It's more the foam where you get the benefit though in workouts and races. They really should lighten up a little bit on the plate rigidity on future versions. I know Jared Ward loves the shoe, but man it would be so much better of a shoe if the plate was toned down. Right now I'm about 17 pace for a 5k and hope to run around 1:16 - 1:17 in the half this January at about 70 mpw. I have two pairs of the V1, with the amazing ICON colorway being the greatest colorway in the history of Carbon plated shoes. ICON for the win! FTW!

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@rundmv87 Thanks for reaching out!

The Endorphin Pro and Endorphin Speed saw some minor changes from version 1 to version 2. The only significant changes were made to the uppers. The Endorphin Speed 2 added some reflective features, and the Pro 2 gained a new lacing system, as well as some small overlay changes. The midsoles both remained the same with identical PWRRUN PB foam and overall tooling.

Again, the updates were small and not significant enough to make one exponentially better than the other. Picking up the first version of either model at a bargain price is a great idea.

If you are looking to gain an “edge”, jumping from the Speed to the Pro will certainly help you do so. The upper of the Pro offers a more race-ready feel that is a bit lighter and thinner compared to the more padded and training-ready Speed upper. Both of the shoes carry the same PWRRUN PB foam compound that is resilient, responsive, and can carry you through faster 10ks or marathon races. The main difference between the Pro and the Speed is that the Pro offers a carbon fiber plate rather than the Speed’s nylon plate, giving the Pro its edge over the Speed. Compared to the softer and less rigid nylon plate, the carbon fiber plate is going to be stiffer and more rigid, allowing for a more efficient and snappy ride that also makes it easier to transition through the gait while running at faster paces.

At the end of the day, both the Endorphin Speed and the Endorphin Pro are very solid options, but the Pro's lighter upper and carbon fiber plate will give it the edge you're looking for to hit faster pace ranges.

I hope this helps, and happy running!

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I'd pick up 2-3 pairs of Endorphin Pros for Christmas presents. Such a great shoe at a price of $99 dollars. That's crazy, has RW lost it's mind?
RW is now teasing the Endorphin Pro 3 due to drop in June 2021. If 2 is out now and 3 is on the way, pushing out all inventory of 1 is imperative as clearly 3 will make both 1 and 2 redundant:

If these shoes have you excited, wait until you see the NB Rebel v3, NB FuelCell SC Pacer, NB FuelCell SC Trainer, and NB FuelCell SC Elite v3:
Saucony is doing good work in the space yet don't seem quite as aggressive as NB, Asics, and Adidas in meeting the evolving Next% trend.