Dragonfly or Victory?

I know that these two shoes aren’t available at the moment, but I would really like to figure out which one to get once restocked. I run more middle distance races and typically won’t go further than a 3200m. On occasion, I run a 5000m on the track. When I first heard about these two new spikes, I was 100% leaning towards the victory because it’s suggested range falls right within my racing distances. I also really like a stiff aggressive shoe for racing since I am more of a forefoot striker and can really compress a stiffer plate. My concern now though is that the Air Zoom Victory won’t have enough cushion for me. I’ve heard some reviews saying that the victory isn’t very comfortable for anything longer than a mile, so that’s why I am now unsure. For reference, I have been using the Brooks The Wire v5 for my track races and it feels plenty cushioned for everything I have done. The Wire also has a full length plate, but it is pebax and I find it to bend way too much for faster races. For any of you who have experience with at least one of the new Nike spikes, what would you suggest? Is my original plan of getting the Air Zoom Victory good, or would I be better off with the Dragonfly?
Just a disclaimer, I haven't run in either. I have run in the Matumbo 3, the Victory elite 2, and the victory 3 though, and I would prefer the Matumbo for anything above the mile. The victory is amazing for the 800 and mile but I didn't like it when I did 3200 in them, but that doesn't stop world class runners form using them in 5k and 10k. The new victory, with the new zoom air pocket, might be help with the longer distance, I really have no idea how that will feel on a spike. I'm probably gonna go with the dragon fly because I think it will work best for everything.