Dealing With IT Band Syndrome?

I've been dealing with left knee pain for a few weeks now and from what I have read, my symptoms seem to match those of IT Band Syndrome.

I took a week off of running and have been focusing on foam rolling, stretching, and strengthening the muscles in my legs. Today, I did a test run and made it only a mile before the pain flared up again, forcing me to end my run and walk back to my car.

I have scheduled an appointment with a sports medicine orthopedist for next week, but was wondering if anyone here has dealt with IT Band Syndrome and might have any advice or insights to share?


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You want to get a professional diagnosis first. If it actually is an IT band issue, you might consider running in a stability shoe to limit the lateral movement of your lower leg which may provide some relief.

You'll want to wait on your appointment before taking in any of our sage advice.

If an encouraging anecdote is any use, I had mild issues with ITBS back when I first made the leap from casual running to marathon training (about 5 years ago now). I am very fortunate that my fiancee is a physical therapist and she recommended rest and a series of bodyweight exercises/stretching that got me back to 100% in a little less than a month or so. I have not had any recurrence since.

Hopefully you get good news from the ortho!
I'll echo the sentiments of putting a primary focus on your visit with a professional to gain an accurate diagnosis. Hope all goes well, let us know what you find out!

I dealt with ITBS long ago for a couple of years and in my recollection it was more of a feeling of extreme tightness across the quad, though I believe it can manifest at any point along the ITB. I sort of ran through it, in stability type shoes, though the biggest difference was that I had moved from living where my runs were almost exclusively on rolling hills to where my runs could be run on primarily flat routes. It was a recurring issue for a couple of years and cleared right up within a few months of my move and I didn't really do anything else different. In hindsight, it must have been a chronic imbalance and overuse issue per the hilly routes.