Compare Shoes button

Would you consider adding a 'Compare' option to your website for shoes? Similar to the function of comparing racquets on - where I can select 4 racquets and at the bottom of the screen hit a 'Compare All' button which takes me to a useful spec comparison page.
I think that would be useful when comparing shoes


Staff member
It's in the works - the main issue is making sure the suggested shoes actually are the most similar to the model you're looking at. Most site make it based on major categories so you are suggested a HOKA Rincon when you're looking at a HOKA Clifton - both are pretty different experiences although on the surface they have much in common. My goal would be the models offered are what I would bring out in a retail setting where you came in and asked me for a recommendation. This isn't based on price or brand, but which models actually are the most similar.

Like I said it's in the works, the goal is to have it up and running by 2021.