Best watch to replace 245

Hoping to by a new watch to replace my awesome Garmin 245. I keep hearing that the new one is coming soon...Garmin seems so secretive with when exactly its coming. My 245 works great but the band is rigged now so really would like a new one for my fall marathon. Thoughts?

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The Garmin 245 is a one of our favorite and most popular watches, and it may be the best option to stick with if you are used to the Garmin apps and training features. It doesn't look like we are expecting an update for the Forerunner 245 in the near future. Another great option is the Coros Pace 2. It offers built-in power metrics, an amazing 30-hour battery life, and a barometric altimeter for tracking elevation at just under $200.

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Andrew A.

Just caught this post but my suggestion would have been get another 245 ;)

It should be possible to simply replace the band (Garmin sells replacements on their site) while you await the fabled 255.
That's what I would do. I've had my 245 for a couple years and am perfectly happy with it, however.
Oops…I have the 230… was really hoping for newer tech and wait out until the 255 comes out…could take another year. Garmin is so quiet about releases…I think she just died today on my run. May have to consider the 245 Or the Coros. My 230 had a long life with many adventures.