Best shoe for a 36 mile climb on a paved road?

Planning a run with a few friends that climbs 10,000' over 36 miles of paved road, and trying to decide what shoe would be the best bet. Even at a steady pace, it will probably be over 6 hours of running. My first thought was the Saucony Endorphin Speed, since it is light, cushy and responsive. I have run a marathon in the Endorphin Speed, and am happy with how it felt. Or would it be better to use a maximally cushioned shoe like a Hoka Bondi? Generally I lean toward the more firm shoes for shorter distances, like Adidas Adizero Boston or Brooks Ravenna.
That time on the feet tends to make me think of a Bondi. Also going uphill that much, a nice higher stack or higher heel-toe drop shoe may take some of the stress off the calf/Achilles. If you have a cushioned 8-12mm drop shoe that may be the ticket! Otherwise Bondi may be king. Being in Carbon plated that long I have no idea how you’d respond to that, but it personally sounds achy to me!
I would not go with the Bondi for the sake of cushioning, since it is significantly up hill the impact will be a lot lower. You are going to want to wear whatever shoe that you feel most comfortable climbing in. If you wear something that causes you to have flawed form on the climb the risk of injury is obviously very high. I’m assuming you don’t do a lot of uphill ultra running, because of the nature of the question.
Thanks! I agree that the bigger drop would take some stress off the achilles. Maybe I will try out a cushioned supportive shoe on some longer training climbs to see how it does. I just got the Saucony Ride 13, which is lightweight but seems very comfortable. I would like to try out the Clifton 7, the amount of cushioning and lightweight construction seem like a winning combo.

I am an ultra newbie, I completed my first 50K trail run in July in a very conservative paced 6:25, with 5000' of climbing and descent. My shoe was a new pair of Saucony Peregrines, which were a little stiff starting out but felt better after an hour or so.

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Hi @golmerdanger,

Thanks for the questions.

Based on what you said, the Endorphin Speed could be a solid pick. I'd agree with @Btdemers about the plate after that much elevation of over time. Also, I'd agree with @Tom that the Bondi isn't necessarily the best choice (just due to the weight & drop). If you are looking for something in the 8mm range with good cushioning, I'd recommend taking a look at the Saucony Triumph. The downside will, of course, be the weight of the shoe. It seems like you enjoy Saucony though.

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I’d go for the brooks glycerin. Highish drop, softer midsole, very comfy. I had to cancell my trip to Maui during the earlier COVID days. This run was on my list. I love and miss Hawaii. Such a beautiful place. I love the vibe, culture, and people. Looking forward to coming in the future. ??