Altra Lovers? The new Torin 5 feels great underfoot!

Hello, Just posting to share I love my new Torin 5s that I received as a birthday gift. I love that I get more cushion under foot than the 4's for longer runs. I do wear real running socks (feetures and other running brands) that come up at the heal and ankle so no issues with the tongue. I went up a 1/2 size from street size. I'm very happy with them and the improved heel lock! Lots of toe box room! I also have grown to love my Rivera's as well. I never thought I'd be happy in anything but my Torin 4s! Now to find another to add to my rotation! Over all very pleased with update! I was a Ghost lover but for some reason as I started running more after a hip injury...the 0 drop seemed to not aggravate my injury....miss my ghosts...but the 0 drop seems to work for me now!