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Does anyone here have thoughts on the Alphafly vs the Vaporfly Next% 2? I have a pair of the original Vaporfly Next% that need replacing. I'm doing Boston on the 11th and have ordered a pair of both but haven't run in them yet (can't afford to keep both). I'm just wondering if anyone here has compared them. It seems like the pros prefer the Vaporflys but I've seen mixed reviews online.

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Hi @dparks, the pros have been using both shoes depending on individual preferences and course conditions. The Alphafly will have more cushioning underfoot with a slightly more spacious fit and higher weight compared to the Vaporfly, which in contrast, will have a lower-to-the-ground feel at a lighter weight. It is a bit of a dealer's choice, but something to consider is if you are worried about conditions on race day, then the Alphafly will provide a slightly better grip. Here is a link to our video comparing the models as well:

Hope this helps and good luck in Boston!

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Full disclosure, I only have the Vaporfly 4% and the Alphafly Next%. My response assumes that the Vaporfly 4% is at least comparable in some small way to the Vaporfly Next%2

In the world of crazy super shoes, it probably needs to be said these are both competent and capable shoes. I don't think that there is a wrong answer here but, as Kaleb mentioned above, personal preference will be the deciding factor. For me, the Vaporfly just feels springier under foot. I don't know if is the air pods or what, but the Alphafly doesn't seem to have the same comical bounce (that I love) from the Vaporflys. Add to this that while the Alphafly doesn't feel unstable, it also doesn't feel supremely confident when at top speed for me.

I plan to happily run my Alphaflys into shoe retirement but my next racing shoe will definitely be a pair of Vaporflys.