2020 NCAA Division 1 Cross Country Champs

Yes, 2020... the 2021 Championships will be in November. It might be sublimely odd to be considering collegiate cross country in March (with the indoor champs contested the days prior), so there shouldn't be any expectation that old patterns would hold uniformly. Hometown heroes CU getting shut out of any podium slots is certainly proof of that. Buff women were 6th, with their top individual in 18th overall (15th scoring position) while men were 14th, with their top individual in the 50s. I was able to see the races live in an unexpectedly great quality presentation via ESPN, with spirited individual championship runs from Alabama's Mercy Cherono and BYU's Conner Mantz while BYU women and NAU men maintained triumphant team momentum.

Full results here: https://live.pttiming.com/XC-PTT.html?mid=2124
Women's race video:

Men's race video:
This makes me wish I had been into XC during high school, rather than sprinting! The starts of these races look insane - makes me feel spoiled for having a lane assignment. It must be wild for the course marshal to stand in the middle of those opening charges...
That is one of the best cross country courses I have ever seen. Most are nowhere near that cool, though you can find something cool and fun in most courses around. I have raced on some I thought were great (Golden Gate Park 2015) and some that were just miserable (Houston 2002). I wish Club or Masters XC Champs would be held on purpose-built courses like this one in Stillwater, Rim Rock in Lawrence, Madison, Terre Haute. Clubs will be on something similar this coming fall in Tallahassee, which has hosted the meet previously. I believe Masters XC this year will be at the iconic Franklin Park course again.