What are some good 5k peaking workouts?

I like the workout schedules in the Self-coached Runner 2 by Alan Lawrence. All geared for your selected goal time and each is prefaced with what you should be able to do before making it your goal time.


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10-14 days before ideally you'd do a pretty race specific hard workout - so 6 x 1k at race pace w/ 400 jog, 5 minutes, then 3 x 300 hard with 100 jog. Really depends on your background. If you're a newbee, 4 x 800 at 5k pace with 400 jog, 5 min, then 4 x 200 hard with 200 jog afterwards. Sub 14:00 male, 4 x 1600 at 5k race effort w/ 400 jog + 3 x 400 hard w/ 200 jog.