The midweek long run: Pace?

Hey guys,

Regarding the Aggies midweek long run:

For a long time I understood that it was a progressive run. So after a warm up you would gradually work down to a little bit slower than Marathon pace if you were feeling good? Preferably in the hills?

I see in the more recent schedules that you've prescribed a time/duration goal for it, but not a specific pace?

What pace would you recommend running it at?

Thanks for your generosity and kindness in sharing your training ideas throughout the years, Joe.

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For reference, read Arthur Lydiards training in his own words:

He had several 2-3 such runs in his base phase each week which people interpreted to be LSD (Long Slow Distance) - not so. The run is not easy, it should be roughly 15% of your weekly mileage with a sizeable portion at a pace roughly 20-40 sec/mile slower than your estimated marathon pace. If this can be done in progressive fashion in the hills, so much the batter. Now it's hard to run that pace uphill, so most of this run is by effort. Is it all out? No, but at least the last half should be run at an effort Bob Larsen said "You could talk, but you don't want to).

You need to progress to this level, but that's the end goal.

Hope that helps, let me know if not,