Michigan Pro Ekiden

I will have to keep an eye out for this. From the article it doesn't seem as if it will be broadcast/streamed, but still really neat to see this style of event popping up - everyone loves the relays!

Also the ganbatte at the end of the article is giving me Tokyo flashbacks...
It definitely will be streamed, I will post details as I find out more. When were you in Tokyo?
I ran the Tokyo Marathon in 2019. I was lucky enough to stay with a friend in Kawasaki for a week and then, after the race, spent a week in Kyoto and Hiroshima. Awesome country and (the article has got it right) the people love running!
Kyoto, I'm envious! What a wonderful experience. What did you like best about Kyoto, Tokyo, and Hiroshima? Incidentally, I spent a couple of weeks in Japan a couple of summers ago and definitely agree with your assessment. My wife is from Kyushu and her entire family is there, so I'm hoping we can visit Kyoto as well as Nagano and Okinawa on another trip back over post-COVID.

On a related note, there will be a Michigan Pro Half-marathon a week later for both men and women. Jake Riley, Chris Derrick, Scott Fauble, and Noah Droddy are among the names I saw on the posted entry lists, they have legit domestic fields.
Kyoto, I'm envious! What a wonderful experience. What did you like best about Kyoto, Tokyo, and Hiroshima?
Impossible to narrow it down! If I am being honest, the food. If I am being really honest, the convenience store food - hah!

I really love walkable cities and, with light assists from public transport (thanks JR Pass!) we could get absolutely anywhere in the country. The first day we went into Tokyo and walked back and for between Shibuya and Shinjuku. I think close to 16 miles on the first day, all told. We actually didn't have a set plan other than "explore" and we ended up walking through Yoyogi Park, which was a really nice surprise discovery. One minute you're in the insanity of owl cafes and neon lights of Harajuku and the next minute you're in this tranquil park. Reminded me a bit of Central Park in NYC. Kyoto had a similar feel but dialed back a little. We stayed in a really cool machiya style hotel Kyoto and it made for a great experience. We actually stayed on a small island off of Hiroshima, at an incredible ryokan. That was a really neat experience and they treated us like absolute royalty. I like to think we squeezed about as much Japan as we possibly could into those two weeks but we still can't wait to go back.

Back on topic, I will keep an eye out for streaming details!
According to this article on Flotrack, streaming of the races will be via Facebook Live (presumably on the Hansons page). That leaves me out unless the video is embedded elsewhere.

Nice run-down of a memorable trip, you found some really cool spots! Yes, really easy to get around without a car and incredibly clean and orderly. I look forward to visiting outside of summer so I'll actually enjoy running and going to onsen there.
Despite the technical difficulties they did a good job of covering the event. Sounds like they lost their on-the-course cameras due to the storm the previous night and it was too windy to fly the drones. Probably nothing beats a camera crew on an electric cart, if they could have done that. And splits from the chips and onto the screen (not from tweets and Instagram posts from those at the event) would have been great. Nonetheless, Ritz and Stephanie Hanson did very well. It was kind of fun to follow and hope we have more such events in the US in the future. And maybe wouldn't mind seeing some NCAA programs (or maybe better yet clubs) branching off to Ekiden, maybe with events during winter in the South and West Coast and spring elsewhere.