5/10k strategy for race day

Is there a general consensus strategy for these distances to work towards a PR, or do you have your own plan for race day? Feel like there’s a lot of ways to go into the race depending on the course. Right now my plan for both is finding a steady race pace for both and working on pushing the pace in the last 1/5 of the race.


Staff member
Generally speaking if you view the mental halfway point of a race as roughly 60-75% of the race distance and be prepared to hit it from there, most do pretty well. So in a 5k, the race starts at 2 miles, you run a steady pace and resist the urge to respond to surges (basically be patient) at 2 miles, that's when you go for it. In the 10k it's at 4.5 miles, in the half marathon it's 10 mile point, for the marathon it's 20 miles. You can tweak it from there once you get more experience, but this general guideline works for most.