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  1. RW Staff

    How to Avoid Bonking in a Marathon

    Running a marathon is a challenge a lot of runners put on their bucket list. When I ran my first marathon, I felt great until mile 18. From there, I was feeling fatigued until mile 23. After that, I seriously bonked and struggled my way to the finish line. To help you avoid the experience most...
  2. RW Staff

    Best Running Gear for Beginners

    Looking at getting into running and not sure what you need? Our team compiled a list of must-have items every runner should have so you can pick up the pace comfortably. Check it out here. Did we miss something? What would you add to this list? Share your thoughts below to let us know! Tyler...
  3. RW Staff

    Garmin Fenix 6 Buying Guide

    The Garmin Fenix 6 watches are Garmin's top of the line running watches. Designed to everything from hiking to triathlons, the Fenix can do anything any other Garmin watch can do. However, with so many different types of Fenix 6 watches on the market, which one do you choose? To help, our tech...
  4. RW Staff

    How to Prevent Running Cramps

    Cramps are something every runner eventually experiences. It is something that can turn an easy run into a challenge itself. To help reduce the chances of cramping while running, our staff wrote an article explaining the different theories and advice to prevent that terrible experience. Check...
  5. RW Staff

    Hydration Guide for Runners

    This past weekend was one of the hottest weekends we had here at Running Warehouse. In our CA location, it got up to 120 degrees. Those temperatures reminded us of the importance of proper hydration. However, for many runners, proper hydration is one of the hardest aspects of running to master...
  6. RW Staff

    Speedwork: How to Run Faster

    A goal many runners share is the desire to run faster. Some runners want to be faster to qualify for a race, others want to run faster to stay fit. Whatever your goals may be, our team worked on several articles on the types of workouts you can do to run faster. You can view them here. Do you...
  7. RW Staff

    How to Buy Cross Country Shoes

    Shopping for XC shoes can be difficult. Some have spikes while others do not. Will my track spike work for XC? To help you shop for the right XC flat, our team developed this guide to help you find your next flat. Read it here. What flat do have you used? Comment below to let us know! Tyler...
  8. RW Staff

    How to Buy Track Spikes

    Buying track spikes can be confusing, especially for newer athletes. With so many options, it is hard to know what spike will be best for your event. To help simplify things, our team put together a guide to help you find your next racing companion. Read it here. What has been your favorite...
  9. RW Staff

    Tips to Avoid Running Injuries

    Are you new to running and want to make sure you start off on the right foot? Are injuries preventing you from reaching your goals? Our team here at Running Warehouse created a guide of best practices to avoid injuries so you can continue your training. Check it out here. What has helped you...
  10. RW Staff

    Marathon Survival Guide

    Last year I experienced running my first marathon. It was fun, exhilarating, and a learning experience. Reflecting back on it, I know I made a lot of mistakes. There were things I wished I knew before I signed up. To help you avoid making the same mistakes, our team came together to help you...
  11. RW Staff

    Our Favorite Running Nutrition

    Have you ever wondered what the staff at RW uses for their nutrition needs? We asked the office and here are their thoughts. Check it out here. What is your favorite thing to eat/drink for before, during, and after working out? Tyler RW Staff
  12. RW Staff

    How to Pick the Best Running Shoe

    There are so many factors to consider when picking the best running shoe. To help you narrow down the choices, our team came together and created a guide so you can find that perfect running shoe. Read it here. What has been your favorite running shoe? What did you like about it? Comment below...
  13. RW Staff

    Half Marathon Training Plan (faster) - with Cory Smith

    Have you been looking for a training plan to help you run a faster half marathon? We asked Coach Cory Smith, and he put a training regime together to help you shave off those precious seconds. Check out our advice here. Are you training for a half marathon? What does your current training plan...
  14. RW Staff

    Half Marathon Training Plan

    The Half Marathon is one of the most participated in running event distances. With the cancellation of so many races, we all have missed out on (in-person) half marathons for most of this year. Luckily, there are a plethora of virtual half marathon's available now. We spoke to Coach Cory Smith...
  15. RW Staff

    How to Choose a Hydration Pack

    Whether you are going out for a long run or preparing for an ultra-marathon, a hydration vest is a handy way to keep all your essentials with you. However, finding the perfect pack can be challenging. To help you, our staff created a guide that will make your search a little easier. Check it...
  16. RW Staff

    How Running Shoes Should Fit

    Buying shoes online can be difficult. It's hard knowing what to get, what size you should order, and how a running shoe should fit compared to your everyday shoes. Our experts put together this guide to help you find the perfect shoe. Topics include: Measuring your foot size: Getting Your Shoe...
  17. RW Staff

    How to Run a Faster 5K

    Have you wondered what it takes to run a faster 5k? Our running experts collaborated and put together with a guide to help you PR on your next 5k. Check out our advice here. What does your current training plan look like? Do you already do any speedwork? Comment below and let us know!
  18. RW Staff

    GPS Buying Guide

    Picking a GPS watch can be a daunting task, and sifting through the countless options available can be overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. We put together a comprehensive guide to help make picking your next GPS watch a little easier. Read our advice here. What features are most...
  19. RW Staff

    Best Carbon Plated Shoes of 2020

    One of the hottest topics in running right now is the Carbon Fiber plate. 2020 saw more brands adding a carbon plated option to their line-up. While some models have received more attention than others, our team was able to breakdown each model and come up with a list of our picks for best...
  20. RW Staff

    Best Trail Shoes of 2020

    Trail runs hold a special place in many hearts—the closeness to nature, and the beautiful views (let's not forget the vert!). We know trail runners love to have the best shoes for those experiences. So, we brought our trail crew in to give their picks on the best trail shoes of 2020. As always...